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The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls
	The tide rises, the tide falls,
	The twilight darkens, the curlew calls;
	Along the sea sands damp and brown
	The traveler hastens toward the town,
	  And the tide rises, the tide falls.

	Darkness settles on roofs and walls,
	But the sea, the sea in the darkness calls;
	The little waves, with their soft, white,
	Efface the footprints in the sands,
	And the tide rises, the tide falls.
	The morning breaks; the steeds in their
	Stamp and neigh, as the hostler calls;
	The day returns, but nevermore
	Returns the traveler to the shore,
	  And the tide rises, the tide falls.
		--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow--
You Begin
	You begin this way:
	this is your hand,
	this is your eye
	that is a fish, blue and flat
	on the paper, almost 
	the shape of an eye.
	This is your mouth, this is an O
	or a moon, whichever 
	you like. This is yellow.

	Outside the window
	is the rain, green
	because it is summer, and beyond that
	which is round and has only
	the colors of these nine crayons.
	This is the world, which is fuller
	and more difficult to learn than I have said.
	You are right to smudge it that way
	with the red and then the orange: the world burns.

	Once you have learned these words
	you will learn that there are more
	words than you can ever learn.
	The word Hand floats over your hand
	like a small cloud over a lake.
	The word hand anchors
	your hand to this table,
	your hand is a small stone
	I hold between two words.

	This is your hand, these are my hands, this is the world
	which is round but not flat and has more colors
	than we can see.

	It begins, it has an end,
	this is what you will
	come back to, this is your hand.
		--Margaret Atwood--
Meeting You
	Meeting You Was Just So Unexpected;
    	I Guess I Was Scared Of Being Rejected.

     	Since You Were So Nice
     	I Woudn't Think Twice.
     	I'd Give It All Away, For One More Day With You.
     	If Ever There Was A Girl To Be Engaged To,
     	That Amazing Girl Would Have To Be You.

     	Before We Hung Out
     	Don't Know How I'd Lived Without. 
     	You Beautiful Face, Like Gods Amazing Grace.
				--Unknown Author--
Just You
	"You are my inspiration.
	You are my soul.
	You fill my life with joy.
	With you here I am whole.
	My dreams never could have forseen this
	This state of love and pure bliss.
	I have you to thank 
	For each passing day;
	For you make them complete in every way.
	Your thoughtful gaze,
	Your sweet kiss and loving embrace.
	All the things you do--
	You, my love, are everything to me...
	Just you."
				--Unknown Author--
The Good Old Days
	I once believed in your dreams,
	The ones that we would share.
	But all that was left
	Was my heart in my hands.
	How could you fade away?
	Like the colors of the night,
	And all that I had
	Were the memories of you.
	Well, now I know I can live without your love
	And I will survive
	All the heartache and lies--
	I will be strong, now that you're gone
	And I will live, with all that I am.
	So, you've found someone new
	With eyes that you adore--
	I hope that he will bring
	You all that I couldn't give
				--Someone in Asia Entertainment--
Only You
	Can I hold you forever? 
	In my heart and not let go? 
	'Cause I really wanna be with you... 
	Say it so until the end of time; 
	Your love is all I know... 
	When I'm all alone I surround myself 
	With every thought of you... 
	I love the things you do... 
	Your love gently lays me down 
	And turns me all around 
	And makes me love you once again... 
	One kiss lives upon my face 
	And nothing can erase everything 
	You are... 
	All we have is the love we share. 
	That's enough for me... 
	In a thousand years if I lost your love 
	I would cry a thousand tears... 
	Just one look in your eyes makes me melt 
	Inside and I know when you hold me close it's for real... 
	You're the love that I wanted 
	Stands to test of time, 
	And i know in my heart 
	That i know you will always be mine... 
				--Whoever wrote this must really be in love--

Story of Love

	One day you will love me, like I loved you. 
	One day you will think of me, as I thought of you. 
	One day you will cry for me, like I cried for you. 
	One day you will want me and I won't want you.
				-Such is the nature of life, unfortunately--

The Name of Our Story

	When I kissed you,
	You lips were frozen
	And your eyes were open wide.
	You just seemed so lost,
	So deep in your thoughts.
	Something was really on your mind.

	Now I see you
	A perfect stranger,
	A face I couldn't recognize.
	And you seem to be
	I know you're miles away,
	Though you're lying by my side

	I couldn't see the love anymore in your eyes.
	Both of your hands are as cold as ice.
	I don't understand how it comes to an end;
	Your feelings for me have already died.

	I couldn't see the love anymore in your eyes,
	Baby you don't have to lie.
	I don't know why,
	We couldn't survive.
	Going through this test of time.


	My love, how are you?
	You know it's been quite a while.
	It's been so many years since you have left
	Your own hometown.

	My love, I miss you.
	Are you feeling it too?
	It's been so many years,
	I am still waiting
	Here for your return.

	That day you left this place
	For somewhere far away
	To pursue your own dream
	In a place you've never been.

	You took your chance to leave
	Without looking behind.
	You said it wouldn't be long
	But you didn't say when you would come home.

	As long as you're happy with the things you are doing
	As long as you've felt the life you've been searching
	If it doesn't work out
	Hope you mustn't forget
	This is where you belong.

	My love how are you?
	You've found somebody new?
	Do you still think of me
	That I am here wishing you well?

	My love how are you?
	Are you coming back soon?
	At times when you feel cold
	Are you wishing I'm there for you, too?
Poems are not written by me, but most of their titles are