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In a realm beyond sight,
The sky shines gold, not blue
There, the Triforce's Might
Makes mortal dreams come true

Gohma Link & Epona Linkhorse.jpg Nightmare Link swims
darunia Link Link and Navi Gold Logo Plant Link Vs. Dragon Link Fight Link with Sword
Ocarina Link on Horse Zelda Map Lightworld Goron Poe Link Jump Gold Link
Harp Owl Link with a rod Link with Shield Link with Slingshot Powerswing Link Slings Stalfos
Rauru Link Young Ruto Ruto Adult Ganondorf Malon Nabooru Zelda

Smaller Pictures


Ages Logo Logo 64 Zelda64 Zelda64 Logo


Armos Arrghus.gif Bari Beron Character Dodongo Ganon Gorgon
Kholdstr Helmsaur Lanmolas Trinexx Character Vitreous


Farmer Character Character Frol Link Link Din Horse
Sacred Realm Link with Ocarina Red Link Link with Bow Link with Bow 2 Owl Shield Royalty
Saria Sheik Ingo Profleft Shibaru

The Incarnation of Evil
Again is back
The Sages are Ready
Link, watch your back!
Zelda Chest.gif