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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


Free Green Potion:

In the Light World, north of the circle of rocks in the northeast section of the Light World, you will find a cave hidden behind a waterfall. Within this cave is a -Mysterious Pond- which will upgrade a boomerang or shield tossed into it... OR fill an empty bottle with Green Potion.

24 Pieces of Heart = 6 Heart Containers:

1) Enter the Lost Woods north of the Fortune Teller and walk north. Find the 3x3 patch of bushes and cut the center bush.

2) In Kakariko, fall into the well northwest of the bottle seller. Bomb the rocks.

3) Enter the house of the fighting brothers and open a passage to the left. Exit the bottom
door of the left room and complete the maze in 15 seconds or less.

4) Go to the basement of the Thieves' Hideout and bomb the cracked wall.

5) Enter the Watergate at the Swamp Entrance, go to the far room and pull the right lever. Exit the Watergate to find the piece to the west.

6) In the northeast corner of the Great Desert is a cave. Find the room with Aginah and bomb the bottom wall.

7) West of the Sanctuary is a pile of rocks - dash it.

8) Enter the Desert Palace and come out the west exit and go to the southwest corner of the desert.

9) Get the Flippers at Zora's Falls, then travel south. Go over the 1st fall, but turn west instead of falling over the 2cd. Walk up the slope and continue west.

10) Walk around the left side of the rock formation in front of Spectacle Rock and drop off onto the lower ledge. Go into the cave and proceed to floor 2F.

11) On top of Spectacle Rock

12) After defeating Agahnim, walk down the 1st stairs, then down the stairs on the right. Go right, drop, go up and around to the right.

13) Dash into the Strange Tree (after killing Agahnim). Enter, climb the stairs, and bomb the right wall.

14) There is a circle of stones in the northwest corner of Ice Island. Stand inside and Mirror warp.

15) In the Dark World, go south of the Haunted Grove to a circle of shrubs. Stand in the center, Mirror warp, and enter the cave.

16) Go to the Dark World version of the maze game (see #3). Dig.

17) Climb the ladder on the north side of the Dark World's cemetary and Mirror warp. Enter the cave and bomb the far wall.

18) Enter the cave of the sign reading "I'll blah blah give Piece of Heart blah Cape." Go to floor 2F, cross the hole, through the bumper, and out the door.

19) In the Village of Outcasts, enter the hut with the Chest symbol. Play.

20) Pound the 22 stakes south of the Dark World Smithy and enter the cave.

21) In the Great Desert, find the Warp Tile under a heavy rock and warp to
Misery Mire. Fall off the ledge and go north and enter the west 'mouth'.

22) Enter the dead-end in the northeast corner of Misery Mire, Mirror warp,
lift the stone and enter the cave.

23) Go west from Turtle Rock, lift the 1st large rock, enter, go up and over the invisible bridge, and continue until outside.

24) Go near the right door on the narrow ledge outside the Turtle Rock dungeon, Mirror warp, enter the cave, kill everything, and go through the open door.


Double Magic Power

After getting the magic powder, go to Smithy's Shop in Kakario Villiage in the Light World. Use the Magic Hammer on the stake and fall down the hole. Go up and throw Magic Powder into the red thing on hands. A bat will come out. When he's done, your Magic Bar will have a 1/2 on top of it. You now have double magic power!

Final Boss Tactics

When you get to the last boss, here's how to defeat him. Hit him a couple of times with your sword. He should throw his dagger at you. Try to avoid it. Do this another time. The third time you do this, he will twirl his dagger. Little fireballs will form around it. The balls will expand. Soon they will turn to fire bats. These bats take away 2 hearts. Try to avoid them. Keep hitting him with your sword. Do this step 3 times. When you finish, his dagger will be gone. Now his usual attack will be a power stomp that lets out a fire bat, that will make fire balls in its path. When he stomps, the floor will cave in on one side. If you drop through this, there will be 2 chests with treasures to help you. He'll stomp 4 times. Then the lights will go out. The 2 torches at the end of the room will go out. Light them with your torch or fire rod to see him. Hit him with your sword, then he will freeze. Quickly equip your bow and silver arrows. Shoot him once. The lights will go out again. Light them a second time to see him again, and hit him with your sword again. Equip your bow and shoot him with a silver arrow. Do this 1 or 2 more times and he will be defeated. A door will open and a bridge will appear. Go in the door to receive the tri-force. You have conquered the game!

Get the 4th Magic Jar

Beside the desert in the light world, there is a man who sits by a sign and he says to leave him alone. When you are nearing the end of the game in the dark world, in the village in one of the demolished houses, there will be a chest. You can't open it, so bring it to that guy in the light world who wants to be left alone. He turns out to be a theif and he will pick the lock for you, and inside the chest is the last magic jar.

The Flute and the Duck

Once you have the flute, if you play it in front of the weather vane in Kakariko, the duck will come and help you. He can transport you to many locations. Here they are:

#1 Death Mountain
#2 Witch's Hut
#3 Kakariko Village
#4 Link's Cottage
#5 Warp Tile South of Eastern Palace
#6 Warp Tile in Desert
#7 Swamp Ruins
#8 South of Lake Hylia

Game Genie Codes

Shops don't take your money

Infinite bombs

Nearly unlimited energy

Nearly unlimited magic