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True Lies



Full Weapons

To start with all weapons, enter the password "BGWPNS".

Infinite Lives

For infinite lives, enter the password "BGLVS".


For invincibility, enter the password "BGGRLY".

Level Select

To start on any level, enter the password

Torch Your Enemies

To get the flame thrower, go up the first staircase, get next to the bookcase on the left, then go behind it so you can't see your guy anymore. It will transport you into a room. Go out the door and you'll be outside. Go down and to the left and right next to the building will be a FLAMETHROWER. To use the flame thrower, go to the box with the pistol on it. The first thing shown when you go on it is now the flamethrower. Now, ROAST 'EM!