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Top Gear 3000



All Powers

Enter the password MICK4CLAUDIA for all powers. This will give you Boost, Jump, Attractor, Warp power modes. Use these powers wisely.

Never Lose

Enter the password MICKSMELANIE. This will make you never lose at under 10th place.


The password "0G1Y VSNH WYMS FNGX 9BL" will start a two-player game in the third to the last level with $3,000,000 for Player 1 and $150,000 for Player 2.

Start with $3,000,000

Go to the password option and enter the letter "B" in all the spaces. This will start you out with $3,000,000 to buy any upgrades for your car!

Ultimate Password

To start with a lot of stuff enter the code "gvpm bbp? nzLs b150 bic. If you do this you will start in a one person game with a full screen, also you will start in the third system on the planet "Yon" with 855,000 credits, engine 4, tire 5, gearbox 4, armor 4, and boost 4. Also your car will be royal blue.