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Tetris Attack




Challenge Mode

To play the Challenge Mode on 1p VS. Mode, do the following:

1.Go to 1p VS. Mode.
2.Select new game.
3.Put the cursor on Hard mode.
4.Hold Up + L and press A.
5.The screen will turn red if you've done this correctly.


Change Characters in One-Player Vs. Mode

Begin a 1 player game in Vs mode. After winning a match, press and hold the X and Y buttons. You will now be able to play as any character you have defeated.

Harder Game

In the beginning of the game, when Yoshi appears on the screen and says "Nintendo!", press B, A, L, L. If you hear a sound then the code was done correctly. Now when you make a Combo or a Chain, the panels continue to rise, it doesn't do a stop.

Hardest Bowser Level

To go to the hardest VS. mode level in the game, type in this code:S6?L7B7!.

Passwords - Puzzle Mode

In the passwords below, only enter one the letters in parenthesis. The first one is for the Regular Puzzle levels and the second one is for the EXTRA Puzzle levels. With all of the codes below your time starts out at 0'00.

Level Password Level Password Level Password
1-01 FP5D29(C,J)! 3-01 FPMD29(C,J)J 5-01 FP&D29(M,G)2
1-02 FP5J29(C,J)K 3-02 FPMJ29(C,J)G 5-02 FP&J29(M,G)4
1-03 FPSD29(C,J)3 3-03 FPCD29(C,J)Q 5-03 FPTD29(M,G)H
1-04 FPSJ29(C,J)P 3-04 FPCJ29(C,J)8 5-04 FPTJ29(M,G)L
1-05 FP%D29(C,J)D 3-05 FP8D29(C,J)9 5-05 FPXD29(M,G)N
1-06 FP%J29(C,J)R 3-06 FP8J29(C,J)% 5-06 FPXJ29(M,G)X
1-07 FP9D29(C,J)Z 3-07 FPQD29(C,J)S 5-07 FPND29(M,G)T
1-08 FP9J29(C,J)? 3-08 FPQJ29(C,J)5 5-08 FPNJ29(M,G)&
1-09 FPBD29(C,J)2 3-09 FPGD29(C,J)7 5-09 FPPD29(M,G)C
1-10 FPBJ29(C,J)4 3-10 FPGJ29(C,J)6 5-10 FPPJ29(M,G)M
2-01 FPYD29(C,J)H 4-01 FPJD29(C,J)Y 6-01 FP3D29(M,G)1
2-02 FPYJ29(C,J)L 4-02 FPJJ29(C,J)B 6-02 FP3J29(M,G)F
2-03 FP6D29(C,J)N 4-03 FPLD29(M,G)! 6-03 FPKD29(M,G)J
2-04 FP6J29(C,J)X 4-04 FPLJ29(M,G)K 6-04 FPKJ29(M,G)G
2-05 FP7D29(C,J)T 4-05 FPHD29(M,G)3 6-05 FP!D29(M,G)Q
2-06 FP7J29(C,J)& 4-06 FPHJ29(M,G)P 6-06 FP!J29(M,G)8
2-07 FPFD29(C,J)C 4-07 FP4D29(M,G)D 6-07 FP?D29(M,G)9
2-08 FPFJ29(C,J)M 4-08 FP4J29(M,G)R 6-08 FP?J29(M,G)%
2-09 FP1D29(C,J)1 4-09 FP2D29(M,G)Z 6-09 FPZD29(M,G)S
2-10 FP1J29(C,J)F 4-10 FP2J29(M,G)? 6-10 FPZJ29(M,G)5


Passwords - Stage Clear Mode

These passwords are for single-player Stage Clear mode.

Level Password

1-5 N4JZN5KZ
2-5 &RG8NB&X
3-5 XXG!NGI5
4-5 &GTMNHS?


Secret Characters

Go to the Player vs. Player character select screen, then hold L + R on both controllers for a few seconds. If you did it right, the question marks (?) at the bottom of the screen will be replaced by bosses.