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Super Soccer



Bonus Game

Defeat Argentina in the final round and wait for the referee to steal the trophy. You'll play a special game against the computer.

Curve Ball

As soon as you kick the ball, hit right or left on the d-pad (depending on your need). The ball will take a curve, not too rough nor too gentle to the side to where you've chosen

Expert Mode

For a harder game, select CONTINUE on the Tournament Mode screen, then press Upper-Right, Lower-Left, Right, Down, Lower-Right, Left, Lower-Left, Upper-Right. Return to the main menu and a new EXPERT option will appear.

Final Match

To play the final match against Argentina in Super Soccer, press Up, Lower Left, Right, Right, Right, Upper Right, Down, Up at the Team Select screen.

Kick Harder on Penalties

To kick harder on penalties, press "B" once (to start advancing toward the ball), and when you reach the ball, press "B" once again right when you kick. The ball will go way faster than if you don't do this.

NOTE: You can use this trick with the other tricks on penalties.

Penalty Sweep

When you're playing in penalties, you can fool your opponent (only if your opponent is human). This "trick" will make the ball seem to go right when it's really going left and viceverse. To do this, hold down the "R" button, and kick left, or hold down the "L" button and kick right.

Play Against Nintendo

For a real challenge, try beating the Nintendo team. To play against these seasons vets, press A, B, Select, Start at the Team Select screen.

Score on any CPU Opponent

You can score on any computer opponent by approaching the goal from any side. Approach at aproximately 45 degrees, and when you're close enough, hit "A" button (it's a low, short pass, that will go in any direction you kick). The goaley will jump over the ball trying to catch it, but the ball will go right under him, clean and smooth!

Two Player Nintendo Team

To let Player 2 be the Nintendo Team do the following. Choose Exhibition, then select "1 player Vs. 2 player" and pick Single Game. Hold START and press B on Controller 2 to get the Nintendo team