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Super Bomberman 2



Battle ModeTips

Here are some helpful tips for battle mode.

1. Train Zone (level 8) Always get control of the conveyor belt, plant bombs on the belt so you can make them go anywhere!

2. Nuclear Plant Zone (level 4) Always head up into the upper right hand corner and keep laying bombs on the trench. You can also do a trick move, lay one bomb near the trench (or on the trench) and lay another one far from it, so that when the first bomb blows the second one will blow right after it suprising the other bombermen!

3. Gold Bomberman, You want to get him!

4. Snowball Zone (level 2) lay bombs near the tunnels and then get out of there! So when another bomberman comes through it'll blow him out of the match.

5. Once you get a glove, press not only A, but on the directional pad press the direction that you're throwing the bomb and you should throw it further. Guranteed.

6. If you are in a level that has teleports, always set bombs near them.

Change Colors

At the Player Select screen, each player can scroll through several color choices by pressing .

Easier Game

At the title screen, select "Password" and enter 1111. This password gives you six bombs with a blast radius of six and give you a detonator. If you're blown up, the only item you'll lose is the detonator.

Flame Chain

If you get a heart you can start a chain flame. Stand on the bomb or next to it and press the B button continuously until it automatically stops. This trick works extremely well against Bosses.

Full Power-Ups In Every Level

These passwords give you nearly full fire power, nearly full bombs, and a glove.

Stage 1 - 1111
Stage 2 - 5462
Stage 3 - 6763
Stage 4 - 8784
Stage 5 - 6925



Level Password
2-1 4361
3-1 6442
4-1 3903
5-1 9564
6-1 7735


Sudden Death Mode

Enter the password 5656 and start a multi-player game. When the timer runs out and the screen starts closing in it won't stop. it will continue to shrink until nothing is left of the playing area.