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Stunt Race FX



Change Views

To get the view you're normally granted during the bonus stages, try this cool trick. Begin a game in any mode, then press START to pause the game. Press SELECT and you'll notice the car in the pause animation begins to go backwards. Next, press L, R, L, R, L, R, L, R. Unpause the game, and you'll have a new view to race by.

Computer Takes Over

Use this trick to race against the computer in two-player mode. Start a normal two-player game
and select both vehicles. Put Controller Two down and don't touch it. Once the race begins, if nobody touches the controller for three seconds, the computer will automatically take over.

Easy Reset

To quit the game at any time hold L and R then press Start, then Select. The game will reset to the opening screen.

Pause Trick

Press START to pause any game. When the pause animation appears, press R to make the animation go into slow motion. Press Y to speed up the car in the animation, and press SELECT to make it go backwards.