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Super Mario All-Stars



How to go to Level 9 in Lost Levels

Play the game normally until you finish it, but don't use any warp zone. If you are forced to enter a warp zone, use save and quit and return to the previous stage. When you beat Bowser in 8-4, you will go to the World 9-1, instead of A-1. This is a crazy World, which contains absurd, as lakitu appearing inside of water. After beating World 9, you will go to World A-1.

Infinite Flutes

To get as many flutes as you want get one flute, complete the world you found it in, then save the game. Then go back to that file and play the level you got the flute in. Repeat this process to get all the flutes you want!

Unlimited Toonookee Suits in Super Mario 3

Play the game Super Mario 3 until world three. Then get the hammer. Hold on to your hammer until the beginning of world four. Break the rock next to the start and go into the item shop. Choose the middle box to reveal a toonookee suit. After you leave the item shop, press the START button and select 'Save and then Quit'. This should restart the game. Go back to your game and you will have the toonookee suit, the shop will be there, and the rock will be gone. Repeat this process over and over to get more suits.

Note: This will not work for the regular nintendo game.

Warps in Super Mario 2

World 1 - Level 3
: Close to the arch at the end, grab the potion past the door and throw the potion on the side of the pipe.And go in the potion door and go on top of the pipe and press DOWN.

World 4 - Level 2: Where the three steps are grab the potion and go where the top is ice and the bottom is water use princess to glide across the water until you reach some land and throw the potion on top of the pipe and go in the door and press DOWN.

World 6 - Level 3: You will go up a ladder. When you get to the top, there will be some quicksand on your left and a brick wall. Jump in the quick sand and make sure that you are against the brick wall. Let your character sink while pushing Left on the D-pad. Once you start moving left, start jumping. You will be hitting the bottom of the brick wall. Once you get all the way under the wall, there will be a Vase or a Door that leads to 6-4.