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Finger Shooter

To turn the targeting crosshair into the hand pointer, take out your gun as if you're about to
shoot something, pause it, then exit that menu. When you get back to the main screen, press B then A to shoot something. If done Correctly, your Crosshair will be the hand cursor!

Game Genie Codes

D4BE-4DA4   Start with computer,
firearms skills at level 2
D7BE-4DA4   Start with computer,
firearms skills at level 3
D0BE-4DA4   Start with computer,
firearms skills at level 4
D9BE-4DA4   Start with computer,
firearms skills at level 5
D1BE-4DA4   Start with computer,
firearms skills at level 6
6DAE-4FA7   Everything is free
FFAE-44D7   Everything is free
CEEF-4DDD   Doesn't subtract karma for spells/skills (must have enough to
CE6D-47A4   Doesn't subtract karma for shooting people
8E69-3DA4   Doesn't subtract spell points (works for all spell casters).


How to Disable the Cortex Bomb in your head

When you ask the Street Doc in Old town to look at your datajack, the cortex bomb will activate. You have 30 hours to get to Daley via monorail and go east south of the Aneki HQ. There will be a professional Street Doc there that can disable the cortex bomb. He also has cyber equipment so you don't have to hire deckers and longer because you youself can log into the Matrix with your own AI.


If you die during the game and want to reset without having to get up, just push at the same time R+L+Select+Start and it will bring you back to the title screen. I this is most useful during the arena fights if you die or get pulled out.