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NHL 96'



Rack up the Goals

Here's an interesting and fun way to rack up tons of goals in two-player vs. computer mode.

First, set the options to penalties off. then (on the ice) when you're coming in on the net , get the person without the puck to charge at the net and check the goalie, then the person with the puck just takes a shot on an open net.

Sometimes, if done right, the goalie will fly through the net!

Secret Team and 1000 Points for Creating a Player

Get to the main menu. Wait for the demo to start. then hold select button and rapidly tap L then R
reapetedly. When the demo is about to quit press start but keep tapping L and R. keep tapping them until you here a voice say kayrog.If you did it right then you should get the busdriver and tiboron teams for exibition mode and 1000 pionts for creating a player.