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NBA Jam: Tournament Edition



Secret Players:

On the initials screen, enter each set of initials one letter at a time, making sure to also activate each initial by pressing START and the button in the Code column; if a * is found in the Code column, you may use A, B, X or Y. For example, to enter Carol Blazekowski's code, highlight 'B' and press START & Y, highlight 'L' and press START & A/B/X/Y, highlight 'Z' and press START & Y. Simple, right?


=NBA Characters=

|BRD|aya| Larry Bird |BLZ|y*y| Carol Blazekowski

|BNY|b*y| Bulls' Mascot |CRN|ab*| T-Wolves' Mascot

|HGO|*ya| Hornets' Mascot |GOR|*bb| Suns' Mascot

=Iguana Design Team=

|MPF|by*| Milo Stubbington |CK |b*y| Chris Kirby

|NDH|aba| Neil Hill |JAY|*ab| Jay Moon

|JF |a*y| Jason Falcus |GOF|ayb| Snake Palmer

=Williams Team=

|MJT|a*a| Mark Turmell |SAL|ay*| Sal Divita

|TWG|b*a| Tony Goskie |RJR|*ay| Jamie Revitt

|SL |*bb| Shawn Liptak |JMC|yyb| John Carlton

=Acclaim Team=

|AMX|*ay| Asif Chaudhri |XYZ|bba| Alex De Lucia

|RAY|ba*| Dan Feinstein |AIR|y*b| Eric Samulski

|LGN|ab*| Brett Gow |KSK|*by| Scott Scheno

|DAN|*ba| Eric Kuby |HTP|a*y| Wes Little


|CIC|a*b| Bill Clinton |HC_|*b*| Hillary Clinton

|SOX|b*a| Frank Thomas |ROY|ba*| Prince Charles

|PHI|*ay| Randall Cunningham |HVY|a*b| Heavy D

|MCA|bb*| MCA |ADR|*yb| Adrock

|MKD|y*y| Mike D. |WIL|yb*| Fresh Prince

|JAZ|yaa| Jazzy Jeff |MCM|bby| Muskett


Special Cheat:

Press START on the Title Screen and then press Y U D B L A R C START. Use the initials END to have beaten 26 teams, JAM for 27.


Team Switch:

On the Substitution screen at the end of a quarter, hold U+B for a few seconds, then press L or R to scroll through the team names and choose a new team.

====Enter all following codes on the Tonight's Matchup screen.

=>Shot % Display: U U D D B

=>Max Power: R R L R B B R

=>Always On Fire: D R R B A L

=>Power-Up Defense: A B U A B U D

=>Dunk From Anywhere: L R A B B A

=>Better Interception: Lx4 A R

=>Goal Tending: R U D R D U

=>Unlim. Turbo: Bx3 A D D U L

=>Powered-Up 3 Pointers: U D L R L D U

=>Power-Up Shove: D R A B A R D


====With the following codes, no confirmation message will appear.

=>Push Opponent, Both Fall: Ux4 Lx4 A A

=>Push Opponent, Teammate Falls: Ux4 Lx4 A B

=>Teleport Pass: U R R L A D L L R B

=>High Shots: U D U D R U Ax4 D

=>Speed Up: Ux4 Lx4 B A

=>Slippery Court: Ax5 Rx5