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NBA Hangtime



Amazon Jungle

To play in the Amazon Jungle, enter this code: L, R, Select, Start, A, B, Y, X.

Bonus Courts

Enter these codes at the Tonight's Matcup screen.

Court                 Code

Harbour Court Hold Down and press B, A, X, Y
Jungle Arena Press L, R, Select, Start, Up, Down, A, B, Y, X
Rooftop Nightmare Hold Left and press Y, Y


Cheat Codes

Enter these codes at the Tonight's Matchup screen. To enter the numeric codes, press Y to change the number in the first box, B to change the number in
the middle box, and A to change the last box.

Effect Code

Tournament Mode 111
Goaltending on 937
Stealth Turbo 273
Infinite Turbo 461
No Pushing 390
Fast Passing 120
Hyper Speed 552
Maximum Block 616
Maximum Speed 284
Maximum Steal 709
No Tag Arrow Press Left, Left, B, Right
No CPU Assistance Hold Right and press B, B

Easy Attribute Points

When you have a created character, you can earn new attribute points by winning three games. To win games to boost your attribute points quickly, just press start on the opposing team's controllers and play against nobody.

Grand Champion

At the Tonight's Match Up screen press Start, Y, Right, A, B, Up, Start, Up, Down, Down, Start, L, A, Down, Down.

Hidden Characters

Name Pin# Name Pin#

KUNGEN 1414 CHE 6581
HENRIK 6502 JOHAN 1911
OLAV 2509 CHRIS 0912
NILS 5555 TORE 1505


Sky Dunks

If you have the FIRST shot of a game do a super dunk and you will fly much higher than usual.

Team Photo

To view a team photo of the HangTime team, enter the name FUNCOM and the pin number 1993 at the "Enter Name" screen.

Ultimate Code

For Infinite Turbo, Hyper Speed, Max Block, Max Speed and Fast Pass, press Up, Right, Down, Left, Start, A, B, Y, X, Select at the Matchup screen.