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Mortal Kombat



Fatality Glitch

To see a cool fatality glitch, take Sub-Zero, (it's easier to do if you're not really fighting an active opponent, so leave the second player "dormant") and beat your opponent one round. On the second round, kill them until they have only a tiny bit of energy left. Now, just keep throwing your Ice Blast (Freeze move) and eventually, it will say Finish Him/Her when they are frozen. Do your fatality and the statue will crumble, but your opponent is still standing, still dizzy!

Fight Against Goro

Fight the three endurance rounds with Rayden. On the third endurance match, make the match last three rounds. Now do your death move, and you will fight a T-1000 Goro.

Fight Against Reptile

To fight Reptile, win with a double flawless victory on the pit and execute your death move. DON'T KNOCKTHEM DOWN THE PIT! This cheat only works on one player mode.

Insane Mode

Set the game difficulty on Very Easy, and let the game beat you every round until you reach the Hall Of Champions stage. The computer now has the insane ability, it can throw you from anywhere on the screen.

Play as Goro

To play as Goro, the boss before Shang Tsung, you have to beat the game first. When the text "The End" appears, quickly hold Up/Left + Select + A until the title screen appears. Press START to begin a newgame. Off Screen

Game Genie

Blood Code (turns the sweat red): BDB4-DD07 + DDB4-DFA7

Speed-up: DDBE-C1C4

Infinite time: C9B2-1FA7

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