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Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra



$2 Million Gold

Enter "DOE MEISTER" at the Mirror portal to be teleported to a secret room in the Dragon's Den with $2,000,000 gold. To return you will have to ask for Mr. Wizard's help.

Note: Mr. Wizard will penalize you by subtracting one level of experience from all your characters. However, if they're only on level 1 they can't be penalized.

Easy Experience

To build levels quickly, fill all of your backpacks and then find a wagon that you can destroy. The wagon should reappear and you can repeat the process as needed. This works as long as your backpacks are full.

Great Starting Characters

Go to X1-Y10 at the Fountain Head. Enter DOE at the portal. Go get your 2 million gold. Ask Mr. Wizard for help to return to Fountain Head. Go back into the portal and enter REDHOT. After you teleport, hit DOWN. You will enter a registry. Hire the Raven and Lord Bruno. Have the Raven cast Lloyd's Beacon to return to Fountain Head. Have Raven enchant as many items as he can, remove all those items including his and Lord Bruno's. Move them to your first and second character. Now you can create characters yourself and you will have some good items mixed in with some very powerful items like the Diamond Dagger and the Platinum Great Axe. All useable on first level characters.