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Mega Man X 2

Street Fighter II Dragon Punch Diagnostic Test

Hold B on controller 2, then turn on the SNES power.
The game will run chip tests.

  1. Wire Sponge Level:
    Climb up the left wall from where you start out.
  2. Crystal Snail Level:
    Use the mech to go LEFT and drop down the hole and hold left.
    Power up your Wire, stay in the mech, and dash jump as far as you can to the left.
    Jump out of the mech before it falls, and use the chain.
  3. Overdrive Ostrich Level:
    Ride a hover bike into the building, and go the top-most path.
  4. Magna Centipede Level:
    Power up Speed Burner where the small hole is in the ceiling.
    Dash into it. (Near beginning, 3rd or 4th ceiling hole)
  5. Wheel Gator Level:
    You'll see it when you climb the ladder after the mech part, but you'll need speed burner to get up to it.
  6. Morph Moth Level:
    Freeze the robot at the beginning of the level and climb up outside the building.
  7. Bubble Crab Level:
    On the screen where the fish-sub appears, use your bubbles powered up to get up in a crevice.
  8. Flame Stag Level:
    Get up the lava shaft as fast as possible.
  1. Wire Sponge Level:
    After blowing up the first globe, go right to the jets above the spike pit.

    Dash off the top of the leftmost one when it's at the height of its path.

    Climb the tree, then dash right.
  2. Magna Centipede Level:
    Same Place as heart tank.
  3. Bubble Crab Level:
    Down from the Heart Tank, right, and it's above where the land rises up into a cliff with energy in it.
  4. Flame Stag Level:
    Ride the first beetle all the way to the top, the tanks is on the right.

Armor/Weapon Z-Buster

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