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Mega Man X3



All Out

Since its a pain to find, the golden chip. Use the password: 2776-5163-6462-7847 This code will give you all items but no enhancements. (i.e. 4 capsules, 8 heart tanks, 4 robot carriers, all 8 special powers.)

Golden Armor and More

After killing the mid-boss in the first Dr. Doppler stage, go to the first pit you see. Now slide along the left wall until you go throuhh it.

If you have all of thee-tanks, weapons, hearts, and full energy you'll find a capsule that will grant you the four Super Adaptions.


   Level    Passwords

Introduction 3721, 1281, 3751, 4456
Gravity Beetle 5623, 4888, 5851, 4221
Blast Hornet 1745, 5231, 5441, 2486
Neon Tiger 3621, 4867, 5851, 2227
Tunnel Rhino 5728, 1263, 5754, 2458
Blizzard Buffalo 7671, 2857, 2144, 1247
Volt Catfish 1778, 5253, 2444, 3488
Crush Crawfish 5718, 1266, 2727, 7458
Dr. Doppler's Lab 5718, 1263, 2627, 7458


Super Password

To have everything INCLUDING the Gold Armor, enter this password:

5414 6585 6872 3112

The Benefits of Gold Armor

When you have obtained the gold armor, you can recharge your hit meter and your sub-tanks by simply standing still.

The Three Paths to Dr. Vile

To reach Vile you must kill at least two bosses, then find one of these entrances.

The first entrance is at the beginning of the Volt Catfish stage. A platform will take you to Vile.

The second entrance is in the Frozen Buffalo stage. It is located in the first pit after you enter the small room with two doors. You will see the entrance on the left side.

The third entrance is in the crab's stage (I forget his name.) The entrance is located next to an energy capsule after you leave the small room where you fought a mid-boss. Before you reach the energy capsule you will fall right through the floor. Here you'll find the capsule that takes you to Vile's secret stage.

Note: These entrances are only there after you kill at least two bosses and BEFORE you kill Bit and Byte (the two mid-bosses who talk to you.)

Zero's Saber

There are two ways to get Zero's Saber. If you're in a hurry you can get it with the password "1454 3535 6162 7162".

If you'd rather earn it yourself, do this. On the second stage of Doppler's lab play through the whole level with MegaMan only. When you get to the mini-boss's layer, switch to Zero. Play through the entire level and defeat Vile. Zero will be damaged beyond repair and give Megaman his saber.