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Super Mario World



Replaying Castles: Just stand on top of the castle ruins and press [R]+[L].


99 Lives: You need Yoshi and a Power-Up in your Item Box that you aren't already powered with. Enter an previously completed course, then ride up to a berry just above Yoshi's mouth. Press SELECT to drop the item from the Box then make Yoshi jump so that he gobbles the Berry and the Power at the same time. The game will freeze and the coin total will rapidly increase, netting you an 1-Up for every 100 coins. When you have 99 lives, press START+SELECT to exit the course.


BEST Life Method: In Vanilla Secret 2, work your way to the Mid-Point tape (for optimum lives, you may wish to use START SELECT to exit this level, then return with more time at the mid-point). Continue right, past the pipe, Note Blocks, Para-Bombs, etc. Hop past the chasm and block and continue towards the pit filled with Spinys. The second block in the row above the pit contains a P-Switch. Release the P-Switch and carry it all the way back to the Mid-Point and drop it to the right of the silver-grey pipe. Stomp the P-Switch and the RUN to the left, hopping onto the field above. Continue RUNNING all the way to the beginning of the field, grabbing the grey coins s you go. By the time the music ends, you should have earned about 50 lives


If Yoshi eats 10 Red Berries, he will lay an egg containing a Super Mushroom. 2 Pink Berries will result in a yellow smiley face that tosses coins, while 3 Green Berries will add 20 seconds to the timer.


1-Up Blocks: In the five tiered 1-Up chambers, Mario can collect all five 1-Ups if he uses his cape. Spin jump and swipe the lower corner of each block with the cape. The first two blocks in each row yield coins, the third will yield a green 1-Up mushroom.


Magic Number 1-Up: When Mario breaks the tape on the final goalpost of a level he will receive bonus stars. If the number of seconds left on the timer is a multiple of 11 and both digits match the tens digit of the number of bonus stars received, you will earn a 1-Up. Example: 33 seconds and 35 bonus stars produce a 1-Up.


Top Secret Area: Get the cape and go into the first Ghost House in Donut Plains. Run left and fly staight up the left side of the screen. Land on the platform and run to the right. Finish the level and a top secret area will appear above the Ghost House.


Final Goalpost Bonus: When carrying an object through the final goalpost, it will tranform into an power-up. Some objects always turn into the same items (Yoshi Babies and Keys = 1-Ups, P-Balloons give Feathers), but P-Switches and Shells give different power-ups depending on Mario's status