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Madden 96'



15 Second Quarters

At the game "set-up" menu highlight "Quarter Length" and press Y, A, Y, A, R. A 15 second option will appear.

Bonus Teams

To access these teams, highlight the team indicated, then press the buttons listed.

Highlight: press: get this team:
Cardinals A,B,B,A '75 Cardinals
Falcons L,Y,B,R,A '80 Falcons
Bills A,L,A,B,Y '73 Bills(w/OJ)
Bears Y,A,B,B,A '85 Bears
Bengals R,A,L,L,Y '81 Bengals
Browns A,L,L,R,B '65 Browns
Cowboys B,A,R,B,Y '78 Cowboys
Broncos B,R,A,Y '77 Broncos
Lions B,A,R,R,Y '62 Lions
Packers B,A,Y,B,A,L,L '67 Packers
Oilers A,R,A,B,Y,A '80 Oilers
Colts B,A,L,B,A,L,L '68 Colts
Cheifs B,L,L,Y,R,A,Y '69 Cheifs
Dolphins L,R,B,B,B '72 Dolphins
Vikings B,R,A,L,L '76 Vikings
Patriots R,A,Y,B,A,R,Y '85 Patriots
Saints Y,A,L,L '79 Saints
Giants L,B,L,A,R,R,Y '86 Giants
Jets A,R,R,A,Y '68 Jets
Raiders B,Y,B,Y,L,A '77 Raiders
Eagles A,L,L,Y '60 Eagles
Steelers L,A,Y,B,R '78 Steelers
Rams B,A,R,L,Y '68 Rams
Chargers A,Y,R,B,A,L,L '81 Chargers
49ers B,A,Y,A,Y,R,A '84 49ers
Seahawks A,L,A,R '78 Seahawks
Buccaneers Y,A,R,R '79 Buccaneers
Redskins L,Y,B,R,L '82 Redskins
Panthers L,Y,B,R,A,R,Y NFLPA Free Agents
All-Madden B,A,L,L,Select EA Sports
Jaguars A,Y,B,A,B,Y Tiburon



Clear Game Memory

To reset the game's internal memory, hold Start + Select + L + R + A on Controller Two while turning on your SNES. A "Game Pak Statistics" screen will appear. Next hold Down + B + Y + L + R.

***Note: This will erase all world records, any players you have created, and return rosters back to normal.

View Super Bowl Win Screen

At the game "set-up" menu press A, Y, A, Y, L.