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Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals



Clock Puzzle

In the Southeast Tower(The one on the seaside, below a town) you'll probably be frustrated by the
Clock. To solve it, simply move the cube on the left inscribed block, and the column on the top inscribed block. The door will open. Go in and flip the switch once. Go out to the balcony any climb the ladder to find three special objects!

Crates and Bombs

In the 'Crates can be broken by bombs' puzzle, stand diectly between the crates. Lay a bomb.
Next, hold up. You'll cross the gap as soon as the bomb blows.

Dragon Blade

To find the best weapon in the game, go into the Ancient Cave. One of the Blue Treasures is an item that reduces cost of stuff by 50%. Use 'Providence' to leave, then go to Forfiet Island.

At the top/left corner of the village, there is a house. Go in it and go downstairs, until you reach Markao, the big casino. Go to the top/left, and talk to the guy behind the counter. Here you can buy the Dragon Blade for the bargain price of 5,000,000G, but the item reduces it to 2,500,000G.

Get Gades' Sword

Gades' blade can be gotten 2 ways, and it can only be used by Guy or Deker:

1) Search the ancient cave for the blade (in a blue chest - blue chests sometimes repeat themselves, so you might find it more than once).

2) Beat Gades on the first encounter with Maxim, Selan, Guy, and Tia. It's hard to do, I reccomend doing it on retry; you get your level up quicker and easier! Your level needs to be about 42+.

Note: This doesn't change the story much, except instead of him killing you in battle, you get his sword, he says "You're stronger than I thought!" and then he fries you with lightning.

Mystic Crystals

In the Shrine of Daos on Doom Island, you'll need to destroy three Mystic Crystals to stop the island from crushing the city. In this, find the little steps. You'll destroy a crystal. Search the top of the area to find the hidden door to the next crystal. Repeat this. After defeating the final one, you'll die. You do not lose, though! You'll beat the game!

Shrine Entrance

To enter the Shrine that has the humungous pit at the entrance that doesn't let you cross, enter your submarine and head due South. Eventually you'll see a trench. Enter it to find the hidden entrance!

You may need some help in there, too. To get past the seeming dead end, place a bomb on the lower skull. A pit opens! Also, place bombs along funny-looking walls to uncover bonuses! In the walkway, head right(Or left, if you'd like to face Gades). You'll find a pit. Take out your hammer and hit the column to collapse it, making a walkway fall in place. It is quite a rickety dungeon. It's not very hard to figure out solutions to the other puzzles, though.

Stay at the Inns for Free

In any inn, except those that are free, if you don't have enough gold for an inn, just say YES anyway and you will not be charged for your stay.

Submarine Town

To find this hidden town, find the crescent island with the Capsule Monster Shine on it. Explore using the submarine in the bay, and you'll find the Submarine Town!

Super Weapons/Armor

Go to the Ancient Cave(Gilberis). Any blue treasure boxes contain either super strong weapons or armor that can be taken out of the cave.