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Lord of the Rings



All Characters & All Rings & Gems

Enter the following password.

F82G2O 3K5G2O
G2T02W W4W...
BX7995 CY9J91

Full Inventory

To start with a full inventory, enter the password:


Playing Tips

First of all, under no conditions should your party members STR or DEF numbers rise above 99.  If they do so, the counter will reset, kind of like the millenium bug.  As a result, your character will become remarkably weaker.

Also, it appears that you cannot defeat the Balrog at the end of the game unless Gandalf is not a member of your party.  He just keeps coming back, otherwise

Start with Gimli and Sam

To start with two characters, enter all B's for a password and press START. The game will say it's an invalid password.

Now erase all the B's and press START again. You should start at the beginning of the game with Gimli and Sam.