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Killer Instinct

87 HIT COMBO with Orchid

--=* Eyedol *=--
Choosing Eyedol

Arcade Version 1.4

Pick Riptor, then hold LEFT, QP, QK, MP...then at the VS. screen hold RIGHT, FP, FK, MP, and the machine will say EYEDOL!

Arcade Ver. 1.5\Snes

Pick Cinder, and at the VS. screen hold RIGHT, then press QP QK FP MK MP FK (in that order). If done correctly the machine will say Eyedol!

Special Moves:

Charge           - (B), MP
Jump Up          - (B), F, MK -[Or just simply jump up]
Fireball         - QCT, aP
Jump Back        - (B), F, FK -[Or just simply jump back]
Club Swing       - (B), F, MP
Jump Forward     - (B), F, QK -[Or just simply jump forward]
Club Uppercut    - (B), F, FP
Shoulder Dash    - (B), F, QP


Air Juggle    - (B), F, QP
Combo Breaker - (B), F, aP (Club Uppercut)

Transition Moves:

Dash to Uppercut     - (B), (F), QP, B, FP
Dash to Stop         - (B), (F), QP, B, QP
Dash to Jump         - (B), (F), QP, B, QK
Stomp to 3 Fireballs - (B), MP, QCT, FP
Stomp to Fast Dash   - (B), MP, (B), F, QP
Stomp to Stop        - (B), MP, MP

Combo Moves:

Openers: *Jump Forward*   *Jump Up*       *Shoulder Dash*
Linkers: *Jump Forward*   *Shoulder Dash*
Endings: *Club Uppercut*  *Shoulder Dash*

Combos: (some only work on SNES)

3 HIT  - (B), MP, QCT, FP
3 HIT  - (B), F, QK, QP
4 HIT  - (B), F, QP, MK
4 HIT  - (B), F, QP, FP
4 HIT  - (B), F, QK, FK
5 HIT  - D+FP, MK, (B), F, FP
8 HIT  - (B), F, QK, QP, (B), F, FP...Air Juggle
9 HIT  - (B), F, QP, MK, (B), F, FP...Air Juggle
9 HIT  - (B), F, QP, FP, (B), F, FP...Air Juggle
9 HIT  - (B), F, QP, FP, (B), F, QP, MK, (B), F, QP
11 HIT - (B), F, MP, QK, QK, QK, QK, QK, (B), F, FP...Air Juggle
13 HIT - (B), F, QP, MK, (B), F, QP, FP, (B), F, FP...Air Juggle


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Heat Fist:B,B,QP

Trail Blazer:F,F,P


Dash:B 1 second,F,Mp or Fp

Heatsink:F to B,FP

Mirage:F to B,MP


Combo Breaker:F to DF,K

Danger Move 1:B,B,B,Mp

Danger Move 2:D to F,QP

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Level Select Codes: Do these codes on the VS Screen(Fight On) in a two-player game:


Up and Quick Punch:Ice Temple

Up and Medium Punch:Skull Chamber

Up and Fierce Punch:Ice Statue

Up and Quick Kick:Castle Rooftop

Up and Medium Kick:City Rooftop

Up and Fierce Kick:Desert Rooftop

Down and Quick Punch:Desert Bridge

Down and Medium Punch:Palace Interior

Down and Fierce Punch:Lava Bridge

Down and Quick Kick:City Street

Down and Medium Kick:Sky Platform

Down and Fierce Kick:Industrial Complex


Turbo Codes:Turbo x1:Right and all Punch buttons

Turbo x2:Right and all Kick buttons

Turbo x3:Left and all Punch buttons

Slow Motion:Left and all Kick buttons

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Play as Eyedol


Choose Cinder on the Player Select screen. When the Vs. screen appears,

hold Right on the Control Pad, then quickly press Quick Punch, Quick Kick,

Fierce Punch, Medium Kick, Medium Punch, then Fierce Kick.


Air Stage:

While on the two-player character select screen each player needs to hold down on the control pad, then press the medium kick to select their character. Both players must do their code for it to work!