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C2: Judgement Clay




Secret Characters: Enter all codes on the Game Select screen.

* Butch - Hold [L] and press X [R] A X [R] [R]

* Peelgood - Hold D&L then press B Y Y A Y

* Sarge - Hold X, then press [L] [L] U D L D

* Jack - Hold U and press A A [R] [R] Y A

* Ice - Hold B and press U [L] [L] [L] R

* Thunder - Hold U&L and press Y B X B B X A

* Slyck - Hold Y then press [L] [L] U [L] L [R]

* Spike - Hold [R] then press X B B A Y L A


High Speed:

To raise the game's speed to a level of 10, go to the Game Start screen, hold Y and press [L] [L] [R] D L [R]. Go to the Option Screen, where you will now be able to set the speed to 10.



On the Character Select screen before a battle, press [R]+[L] simulataneously to have your fighter randomly chosen for you.