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Frantic Flea



Infinite Lives

In the last stage of Whacky Labs there are two extra lives. Get both of them, then jump off a ledge or get killed by an enemy. When you come back you'll have one more life than you had before.

Keep repeating this action untill you have nine lives and then do it two more times and you will have infinite lives.


Calm your nerves with this complete set of passwords.

Level Password

1-1      CLQCK
1-2     ZMTHT
1-3     GPPQW
2-2     WLCSN
2-3    RLHQZ
3-1      JMGVB
3-2    NRWPC
3-3    MDWQL
4-1    MJDSX
4-2    HFLNT
4-3     SPQNG
5-1    DTNZZ
5-2    KQRXH
5-3    JBVMF
6-1   VSNXD
6-2   GRXBS
6-3   WNHJP
Prison STCVC