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Firepower 2000



Control Both Vehicles in One-Player Mode

Highlight the two-player option on the title screen, then press START+A.

Level Skip

While playing, pause the game then enter one of these codes to skip to the next level.

From level 1 to 2

Press R,L,R(2),R,L,R(2),L(2)

From level 2 to 3

Press R,L,R(2),L(2),R(3),L

From level 3 to 4

Press L,R,L(2),R(2),L(4),R(3),L

From level 4 to 5

Press R(3),L(3),R(2),L(2),R,L,R,L

From level 5 to 6

Press R,L,R,L(3),R(2),L(2),R,L,R,L(2)