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Chain Gun on Level 2

On the second level go left and another left. Look across the left wall and you will find a miss
matched wall peice. Open the door and press the button. Go where you would get red key (left door) and you will see it opens up to a open area go toward the back and there will be a chain gun.

Level 5 Secrets
Rocket Launcher

Go to the bridge where you would go get the key fall off go to the left side to a brown  wall open it and get some goodies and a Rocket Launcher!

Star Warp

Go thru the blue key door go to the tower on the right where the Imp is shooting at you. Go to the
tower lower it kill the Imp then rise it look on the right wall and press open and there is a secret
room! (The star will take you back clos to the start of the board.)

Secret Room

At the start go up the stairs shoot the toxic barrels open the wall and goodies are revealed!

Chainsaw, Biosuit, 200% Health

Go in the blue key room where you press the button to open a door to beat the level. Where you go across the toxic pool there is a health kit. It is open. In the front wall there is the suit. Open the left wall and you will find a chainsaw. Open the front wall and 200% health!

Level Skip

In the episode Shores of Hell, on the second level, make your way to the room with quite a few pillars and several imps. Kill all the imps and go to the room with the green sludge, to your right is a hallway - follow the hallway until you enter a room with a demon, to your left is another hallway that leads to a room with two kinds of ammo. There's a sign that says "exit". Go in there to skip 2 levels ahead.

Secret Room in Level 1

Play until you reach the last room before the exit. Then go back to the room where you found the shotgun shells. On the right, there should be a open secret room where you will find the shotgun, a case full of bullets and a first-aid kit.

Secret Room in Level 2

Go straight into the hall about two feet and turn left to a hall. Go down the hall there untill the end then take a right. Wait for the moving wall to come down then wait for another then you'll find the shotgun.