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Donkey Kong Country 3:
Dixie's Double Trouble



Banana Birds

Here's a list of caves hiding Banana Birds:

Arich's Hoard - Beat Riverside Race in less than the 1:15:00. Then go to Brash's Cabin. He will get mad, shake the world, and a bridge will appear below Bobbing Barrel Brawl. Cross the bridge to Arich's Hoard.

Kaos Kone- When you get to the pond, do a figure 8 around the two rocks and the closed drainage pipe. The grate will open. Enter the pipe to get a Banana Bird.

Kong Cave - Go to the beach behind Bazaars general store with the hovercraft.

Bounty Beach - Take the hovercraft or motor boat to reach it. It's in the right of your screen facing Funky's rentals.

Smugglers Cove - In Lake Orangatanga, swim under the bridge, up to the top of the screen.

Barnacle's Island - Trade a shell for a bird.

Undercover Cove - You need the TURBO SKI to get to this secret cave. When you have the ski, jump to the upper lake behind Kong Cave via the waterfall.

Glacial Grotto - In the k3, go to the Blizzard's Basecamp and press Left to reveal a cave.

Sky-High Secret - Go to k3, then go to the Blizzard's Basecamp and get the present. Leave this world and go to Cotton-Top Cove, then enter Blue's Beach Hut. Give Blue the present and he will give you a bowling ball. Next go to Mekanos and enter Bazooka's Barracks. Give Bazooka the bowling ball and choose option 1 ("Lock and Load, sir!") If you did this right you'll be fired off to the Sky-High secret.

Bounty Bay - In Cotton-Top Cove, go to the first lake. Go to the waterfall and on the right is a cave to Bounty Bay. Enter Bounty Bay and get a Banana Bird.

Cliff Top Cache - At Barter Swap Shop, trade your mirror for the wrench. Then go to Bjorn's Chair lifts and give him the wrench. His chair lifts will start working and you can take them across to Cliff Top Cache.

Bramble's Bungalow - After beating the game a flower will grow on the path above Bramble's Bungalow. Grab it and take it to Bramble. He will thank you with a Banana Bird.

Hilltop Hoard - After getting the Gyrocoptor, fly to the cliff next to Razor Ridge. Enter to get the Banana Bird. Belcha's Burrow - With the Gyrocopter, fly straight down from Kong Cave. Enter to get the Banana Bird.

K's Kache - Using the Gyrocopter, fly up to the lake above Cotton-top Cove. There will be a small island on it. Land on the island to win a Banana Bird.


Bonus Demo

Once you got all the banana birds, go to "Wrinkly's Save Cave." When you arrive, the banana birds will fly you up to the Giant Cloud where the Mama Bird lives. They will set her free and a surprise demo will play. If you do this you can finish with a maximum total of 103%

Cheat Codes

At the game select screen, highlight the slot you wish to load and press L, R, R, L, R, R, L, R, L, R. A screen will appear where you can enter one of the following codes:

ASAVE -- Auto-saves after each completed level
LIVES -- Grants 50 lives
MERRY -- During the bonus levels you will hear a Christmas tune, the stars are bells, and the bananas are blue presents
MUSIC -- Dixie Kong's Music Test COLOR -- Dixie's outfit will be purple and Kiddy's will be green
HARDR -- Make the game more difficult
TUFST -- No halfway barrels
ERASE -- Erases time records


Continue the Music

At the game over screen you can continue the music by pressing L, R, A, B, X, Y.

Lost World

To find the Lost World, you must go to the four rocks which make the shape of a circle. Using the jet ski, travel around the rocks (not the individual rocks but the whole circle of rocks) counter-clockwise until you hear a noise. The Lost World of Krematoa will appear in the light blue circle in the water between the rocks.

Pirate Panic Level Skip

In this level, jump into the barrels at the beginning. Just before the bonus, do your "team throw" upwards. You should end up in a place with an exclamation mark and bananas. Go through there to end up at the end of the level.