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Donkey Kong Country


Donkey Kong Warp

Must pass the first level without using diddy.Then on your way to the second level in between where the road bends at the corner, press start and left at the same time.You might have to try this a few times.

Here is the bonus stage code:


Bonus Stage

1. Start any saved game and lose all your lives in a completed area.

2. At the "GAME OVER" screen, press Start.

3. When Cranky appears, press Down,Y,Down, Down, Y.


4. When you want to leave press Start, then Select.

5. You're back in the game!

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Mega Warp

First defeat the first board. After that, at the screen where Donkey walks from board to board, press A,B,Y, and X at the corner in between the first and second boards. If it doesn't work the first time try again (it works better while in Funky's Flights). You'll warp almost half way through the game!


Sound Test

If you were impressed by the music in Donkey Kong Country, then this is the perfect code for you. Now you can sit back and enjoy the music without having to deal with those pesky Kremlings. Before you start a new game, go to the Game Select Screen and highlight the Erase Game option. With Controller I, press Down, A, R, B, Y, Down, A and Y. Each time you press the Select Button, the music will change as long as you keep the Erase Game option highlighted.


Bonus Games

If you manage to collect three identical Golden Statues, you'll warp to a special Bonus Game where you can earn 1-Ups. You can also go to a secret area where you can practice any of the Bonus Games as often as you want, if you quickly press Down, Y, Down, Down, and Y before the Game Select Screen appears.

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Extra Lives

Collecting 1-Ups in Donkey Kong Country has never been a problem, but this code can help speed up the process. Before you begin a new game, highlight Erase Game on the Game Select Screen, then press B, A, R, R, A, then L (BARRAL) on Controller I. After entering the code, select any of your game files, and you'll begin the game with 50 lives in reserve. You can use this code with any saved file, so you can refill your lives throughout the game by resetting and entering the code each time you save the game.

NOTE: If the Erase Game is Blinking, DO NOT select a game file or you will erase your game.


Bad Buddy

When you play a two-player game in the Team mode, you only get to play only after the other player messes up or gives you control, but you can change that with this code. Highlight Erase Game on the Game Select Screen, press B, A, Down, B, Up, Down, Down, Y, A, then start a Two-Player Team game. Now you can take control whenever you feel like it by pressing Select!

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