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Demon's Crest


All Items

To start the game with all items, enter the password QFFF, KNRR, DDLR, XGTQ.

Play Game With Only Bosses

To fight only the first dragon and the bosses, enter the password RBNL, XHGB, VGBB, LYLD.

Start with All 5 Vials

To start will all five vials, press and hold A at the title screen (the burning background). Kepp holding A until you press START to select a new game. You can't do this when starting a game with a password or using options.

Ultimate Gargoyle

To get the Ultimate Gargoyle that combines the skills of all your forms, enter this password:


The Ultimate Gargoyle also has a charge up attack similar to Megaman's X-Buster. Press and hold the fire button to gather energy and when you're ready release the button to unleash a devistating blast.