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Breath of Fire 2



Flying Township

To make your town fly two things must be done. First, any time after you've gotten Grandpa the
whale, go to Guntz. Then walk straight forward to the house at the back of the town. There is a hidden room behind the bookshelves in the back of the house to the right.

Talk to the girl, Eichichi. She will ask a question. To save time just choose "machine", but be sure to go inside of the well in your town to see the machine. After all that has been done, continue on
until you reach the end of the Grand Church. The old man trapped in the machine is the hero's father. DO NOT kill him!

Instead, use attacks which damage only one enemy (such as "Freeze" and the hero's smallest
dragons). Destroy the eyes and you will automatically free him. When you warp back to
your town, talk to Eichichi in the well. Finally, the hero's father will agree to allow you to use his

It is a little slow, but the town flies after all this work has been done.

Hidden Character

After you get Grandpa the whale, got to the desert in the southeast corner of the map. Get
on the beach and look for an almost invisible circle in the sand. If you find it you will find ghosts that say "Bleu is not here right now" or something like that. Anyway, after you've talked to one, got to the Magic School in hometown. Go to the left classroom on the 2nd floor, and talk to all of the girls on the row closest to the door.

One of them will reveal themselves as Bleu. She (forceably) joins the group. She starts at Level 35 and start with the following spells: S.Boom, Flame, Death, Pwr-Down, Ag-Up, Atk-Up, Drain, Warp, Bomb, Freeze, Ag-Down, Def-down, Def-Up, Sap, and Exit. She gets Fireball at level 36, Hail at level 37, Missile at level 38, and Bolt X at level 39.

Her special ability is Shed. This allows her to totally regenerate her HP an unlimited number of times, and it also will cure any ailments (i.e. poison, curse, etc.). In addition, she's as fast as Katt!