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Brawl Brothers



Japanese Brawl Brothers

The Japanese version of Brawl Brothers is hidden inside the U.S. cart. To access it, wait until the
white Jaleco screen appears then quickly press B, A, X, Y repeatedly. If you've done the trick
correctly, you'll hear a strange noise and a black-and-white screen will appear. Press Start
and another strange screen appears, press Down three times on your control pad, and then press
Start. When the Option Screen appears, it will have the Japanese title in the background. Choose
the type of game you want and then begin play, Japanese style.

Play as the Same Player

Select a two-player game. At the same time, have player one and two move the player select arrow
to the same character simultaneously.  Now, press the "Y" button.

Special Move

Hack (Norton in the Japanese version) can perform a power uppercut by pressing the JUMP and ATTACK buttons simultaneously.

Kazan can jump up to three times in a row. Just press JUMP in midair to jump higher.