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Free Healing

When you're in a dungeon and spirit/player energy is low, go to a spot in the dungeon where
there was a treasure chest and move in circles in that one spot. Your energy for your spirits will be
full after a while. Leave the spot and get into a battle, call on the fire spirit and have him cast "HP
Restore" on your characters. Your HP will be restored and you didn't have to waste your items, this is very helpful in Stavery Tower.

Level Select

At the title screen, press DOWN, SELECT, SELECT, X, Y, SELECT, SELECT, L, R,

A - stage 2
B - stage 3
X - stage 4
Y - stage 5

Recharge Spirits Health

If your spirit is dieing, just keep moving left and right and watch your spirit's health grow!

Sound Test

At the title screen, hold L + R + B and press Start.