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The Autobiography of Author

"One Winter Day"
Part I
An abandoned boat, Drifting Through the haze Like an innocent flamingo. Slowly Despite the waves It knows Lie awaited There was a friend, it remembers Though not clearly-- Pretty and spirited; Her image fades Slowly. What's the purpose of life? Asks the boat; Silence. The all too familiar Silence. Guided by the gentle wind, It heads toward the ocean-- Uncertainty, The only certainty. At night-time the sky seems so dark, the water, so cold; Voices reverberate, mingling with the snows. So lonely was the night, so fearsome was the day, With no one to share with but your own shadow. Sadness. Isolation; Home-sickness, Desperations. The silence of daylights; The silence of sounds, Of endlessness, Of inter-emotional chaos. Yearning for that feeling, Searching for that place No longer visible Except to the sky, Down the winding paths, Hoping for a new start, So dearly close, So far apart, Perhaps it was better not to ask, Maybe it was better not to think; Maybe if everything were different, Everything wouldn't be so ruin. Years have passed and things have changed, Some things can be forgotten, some things can't. Echoes of the changed past Fade away as each day reaches an end. Day by day, from place to place it roams Oh, how it longs for its home, sweet home. From faraway, friends and family, Will it see them again as it did that day?" Dreaming about the days, It sees unconnected fragments of dreams and memories; The place I'll return someday, after so many years; Slowly, and gently, there is nothing but tears... _____________________________
Part II
Sitting alone in a school courtyard, Seeing how life is so small, Wondering how we should live Overcoming time's scars. Opening an English III folder, Trying to make the best of the time, Reviewing the poems by great authors, A homework assigned by the instructor, Repitition, Personification, Tone, mood, style and diction, Walt Whittman and Margaret Atwoods, Colloquialism and Persuasion, Gently closing the notebook, I opened another. The atmosphere was beautiful that day. Hoping it would be like this forever, Looking down, I started reading my binder. Suddenly, some friends passed by; As usual, we exchanged byes; Each had their own plan, and so was I. They murmured and disappeared into the aisle. The temperature that day was suddenly cold. I blamed myself for not wearing the right clothes. A chill deep inside Made me want to cry. Looking down at my watch, Wondering how my friends were doing at the lunch line, Some cut, some wait, I, staying outside, this was why. Looking around, The scenery that day was somehow different. Usually the chattings would fill the scene, But today only six were lying on the benches. One was a friend, sitting next to her lover, Intimately holding each other; I wondered what they were doing outside In this freezing temperature. I, as a human, had been through that road; My reminiscences of it were still very clear. How I started a relationship, How it ended without any cheer. Why is it that we have to love-- Such a gullible and restless heart. We still have to love. Many nights without any sleep, Isn't that enough? Why is that picture of someone, Keeps flashing in my mind, in front of my eyes. There were times when, The sky was pouring with rain, With periodic thunders and mild wind, A sense of loneliness came out from within. In the still of the night, I closed my eyes, Thinking to myself, Holding my thoughts in my mind. I remember those early days when we met, Those days when we came to school together, So free and dreamy. Everything has now changed. The vision of her, That courage, those eyes, that tenderness Her voice, A warm, luminous, timeless melody; And no one knows Where she came from or where she's going. But once you meet her, You will find that something inside is changing. She's like a fairy Light and dreamy Gentler than the softest wind Faster than a quickest blink We met in the foggy daylight; We parted in the silence of the night. The wind sobs, the sea twists about, The stars creak, time bursts into chaos Everything ages. But the fond memories, The dissipating sorrows and the bittersweet romance, Have yet to fade away. I can still see it, The brilliance of that day. If I cover my ears I can still hear it, The song I heard that day. You can never keep hold of anything in this world, The only way to possess it is to let it go. Falling in love gives extraordinary peace of mind, But with the test of time, not many survive. Often one endures the pangs more than the joys One second you're in the eden of heaven, Next second you're in some place else-- Probably not doing well. Gently, my mind wandered off. Thousands of footsteps headed toward classes. My rest was interrupted. I couldn't believe lunch was over already. I didn't even have one. Just three more hours 'till school is over; Just t-h-r-e-e m-o-r-e h-o-u-r-s to go. I mumbled to myself and silently joined the others In a seemingly endless, uniformed walk...


Author: Khanh L. Bui